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Privacy Policy

Whereyoueat.com is a Whereyoueat Media Company.

          Privacy Policy - End User Agreement - Created on June 04, 2008.

If you can not agree to these terms below please do not browse our website...

We do collect personal information such as IP Address, and this information can be used to show
others how many Unique Visitors we have and how each unique visitor browses the website.
We also may place a Cookie in your browser to allow for multiple things which can include
Faster Loading webpages, Return visitor counting & Previous sent advertisment.

Your information can also be given out to local restaurant owners due to the fact
that this is a "Sales Company" and we need to present to owners of the Restaurants that
(This is how many visitors there are in your local neighborhood)

We also reserve the right to track and release information on how your browse our site
For example: You landed on our main page, where do you go after that? Do you select
your zip code or do you click on a cuisine. This can also be shown to potentiol clients that we may sell to.

          Now for the Technical Details

         We collect information such as tye (Type of Browser, Type of Network Connection
         Network location, Internet Providers, Time of accessing our website)
         We also keep track of your full browsing history, to help us make this website
         better for you & to show to potential clients, how the general public browses
         our website. (We reserve the right to collect any other information not listed here)
          Many of our Widgets and Gadgets use cookies to help you and help us.
          We can place a cookie to help you use the Forums & Blogs fasters
          We can place a cookie to allow for Faster Loading of our Website
          We can place a cookie to monitor Return Visitor & Unique Visitors
          We can place a cookie to help website sponsoers/adertisers collect information
  3. Children
           We built this website so it is Friendly to use for everybody.
           We screen our reviews for profanity or illegal and hurtfull ranting.
           But we still can not prevent many of the things that may go on in the Message Forums
           since they are activated by members. So with that in notice please keep the following in mind:
    This website is not intended to be used by children or kids under the age of 13. If you are under
    the age of 17 you must get permission of your parents or legal guardian before visiting any part of
    this website.
    We truly hope you give your kids permission to use this website as it is built friendly for everybody.
    Plus your kids can now help you make a decision of where to go out to eat.


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Alex Dushkin - Support & Relations

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