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Options and Information for the owners of Restauarants, Cafes & Other
Business who are interested in Updating, Changing, Removing
Or Interested in choosing a Advertising Package.

Whereyoueat Media Company:
Company Policies.

About Company Policies: We have a few Strict and Non-Strict Company Policies.
These policies will only be given to Restaurant Owners on Hand
1. - Request for Review/Rating Removel Policy *Strict Company Policies*
2. - Un-Fair Competitor Treatment - Simpel terms - Do not Write Negative reviews for competitors and good ones for yourself.
3. - Featured Terms & Conditions - *Non-Strict Policy* Involves - (We will work with you to make you Happy)
4. - Menu Update Policy - *Non-Strict*
5. - Grand Opening *Blog Request* - Strict Policy - Only *Dine In* Establishments accepted
6. - Island Hot Spots *
- !!Ultra Strict Company Policy!!! - Hot Spots are Chosen by WhereYouEat Staff, after
Comprehensive Research is done. We browse through many websites (Yelp, Chowhound, Urbanspoon)
Visit many Forums, And we Finally visit the Restaurant to see who makes the Hot Spots (Only the Best of the Best)


For Restaurant Owners:

New: We have just set up a Free Blog for you to read on "Free Profit Tips"
We will post an article when one is Ready, This will give you free Profit Tips, Increase Productivity
Keep customers coming back, Decrease Turnover, Save on Food Costs and many other
intersting topics that we will come up to help you run a successfull business.

These are all well thoughout plans by many successfull Restauratuers. These are bullish tips to help you
succeed in your Restaurant, Pizzeria, Deli whether it be Italian, Fine Dining, Bar with Grill...
Click Here to View the "Restaurant Owner Profit Tips" Blog


About Us:

      We are a Staten Island Restaurant Menu Directory. Our Traffic is growing at a Tremendous Pace.
Traffic from Search Engine "Searches" Is growing faster then we couldv'e imagined.
At first we started as being a simple directory, over the months of building this, we decided to add photos of Restaurants too.
Photos are good for viewers who are looking for a place to dine in and users are so far very happy with that.


Put your MENU Online TODAY!: Do not be oblivious to the world. Call us and we can Discuss Packages, Pricing that we offer...
Please note, We must stop by your Restaurant before any prices are given out.

We offer a few simple packages to stand out:

  • Viewers searching for places that deliver around their area will usually click on their zip code. You can be Featured in the Zip Code, It will be one of the First restaurants they see when they click on it. You will also be able to "Add a Coupon" To see if the Featured Listing is working for you.
  • Viewers searching for places to eat on the Island will usually select a cuisine type that they are in the mood for.
    If you own an Italian Restaurant, and a user selects Italian, You will be one of the First.

We are the only Staten Island Company that offer Direct Target Advertising

  • Target visitors who are Currently looking for Food! (Viewers who user our website
    are usually looking for food at that moment, which in turn results much more Return on Investment)
  • Users will see you Multiple Times Throughout one marketing campain (unlike Print Advertising
    Which only happens One Time, Users will see your restaurant Multiple x Multiple Times throughout One Month)
  • We can Guarentee if you feature in your neighborhood, 30% of people who order food and 100% of people who use
    the site in your neighborhood will Know Your Restaurant.
  • Dine In Restaurants: About 10% of people going out to eat look on the web
    Your restaurant will be known on the Staten Island Communitiy
    For: (Japanese, Italian, American & Chinese Restaurants Only)
  • The Only Advertising you Need!



Current Options for Standing Your Restaurant Out.

Feature in Your Zip Code *Must Offer Delivery

  • Will Increase your Delivery Business Dramatically!
  • Add a Coupon, Track how many orders You See!
Please Contact

Feature in Your Cuisine Type *Must Offer Dine In

  • Increase your Dine in Customers!
  • Viewers searching for a place to eat will most likely view your menu and pictures, before your competitors!
Please Contact

Front Page "Feature" *Typically for Sports Bars with Grill or Fine Dining Restaurants!

  • If you have a New Restaurant or a Restaurant in a HIdden Place, This is the way to get it out! EVERY SINGLE PERSON that uses our Directory on Staten Island Will See your Restaurant
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Your Own Weblink URL *Name.WhereYouEat.Com

  • Place on your Business Card, Calander, Magnets.
  • Tell customers over the phone who want to see photos and menu of your place.
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