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     We are a Free Service provider for Restaurant Menus that are located in Your Neighborhood, Your Zip Code & The whole City.
You are able to simply select where you reside and be able to select if you want Delivery & Take-Out or want to Dine-In. You are then
able to view all restaurants that provide the service you searched for, view their open hours, see their location, read a brief description
and see the Real Scan of the Menu from the Establishment.


Coupons: will have coupons for different establishments in the Near-Future. You will see in your Neighborhood or Cuisine
type search which restaurants have a coupon. From there you will be able to simply click on the Restaurant Name to go into that page
and the coupon will be listed under the Description, Coupon Code and What it is for will be posted.


Terms of Service: For the Visitor

      WhereYouEat & is a Subsidiary MenuGate, MenuScoop Company. We are a (100% Limited Liability Company, LLC)
By using this web site you Release us from any damages that you may incur. Including but definitely not limited to: (Food Poisoning, Order
Mistakes, Price Changes...) That is the Sole responsibility of the Restaurant Owner it that entity. We grant you permission to use
WhereYouEat which can be taken away at anytime. We do not Guarantee 100% Up Time, Nor are we responsible for any Down-Time that
may occur. We are not Middle-Men we just provide a simple way for hungry viewers to find restaurant menus that are located in their reach.


Terms of Service: For the Restaurant Owner

       You as the Restaurant owner are responsible for your business & customers. WhereYouEat does not provide customers nor does it
allow for Rating or Reviews of your Restaurant. We simply list your Menu (Exact Scan of Your Menu) for visitors who are hungry and
searching for food to view. You were notified of " Your Menu Being Online" and if you decide to remove it for any reason visit the Restaurant
Owners Section. Also we under no part take any liability for any damages that you may incur,
    Including (NOT LIMITED): Prank Calls, Robbery, Law Suits, Damages & Death... This is your duty to check the safety of your Employees
Which can be drivers delivering, waiters and food cooks.

Legal Notice:

     We are able to collect information from Viewers browsing our web site whether it be Demographical, Page Views, Map Views & Surveys.
So please understand that if your menu is online we are able to see how many people are viewing it in your zip code for
"Page View Demographics" This information can and will be released to you and your competitors in your neighborhood for extra
advertising services. (i.e. -> If 300 click on Delivery in your area a day, You will be able to see this). For further advertising we release
this to you and your competitors. (If you yourself are interested in special and extra advertising visit the Restaurant Owners Pages).


Frequently Asked Questions:

      How can I bookmark a menu?
     Simply press Ctrl + D on your keyboard.

      You can now keep your menus organized, no more running into your folder bag, View all up to date menus with a few simple clicks!

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